Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Working on something new...Baby Jives #2!

I have been working on something brand new and now I can finally share it with you - I'm pregnant with Baby Jives #2 due in the beginning of March 2012!

Owl Hats by Sweet Love Creates, $34 found via 20BestTwenty
It's been a fun summer filled with vacations, exhaustion, and  morning sickness ... well actually mine was more like anytime but morning sickness as I usually woke up feeling fine.  But now my energy is back and the creativity is flowing so I am looking forward to an intense burst of production leading up to this birth.  My last pregnancy with my son was when I got the idea for starting Baby Jives Co. and now with this one I'm already bursting at the seams with new ideas for Baby Jives Co.  So I am running up to my studio to get sewing...right after I eat this entire box of muffins.  I can't help it, the baby makes me do it!

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  1. That's fantastic!!! awww such lovely news :D congratulations!!!!