Friday, April 29, 2011

A little home for here

I think it may be the fact that spring is finally here but somehow I am stuck on the idea of a nice neat house, which mine is NOT!  So I am embarking on a virtual spring cleaning - meaning I found nice things that I would love to bring into my home to impart a little more order into my chaos.  I don't have the time to clean up yet since I am getting ready for my booth at Art Star Craft Bazaar in 2 weeks but after the show maybe I will reward myself with a clean house and a new goodie to help keep me organized and comfy.  Here's a few of my ideas...

Wolf Den Coat Rack by Cantilever and Press $245

Animal Index by Charles and Marie, $27

Log Pile Cushion by Roddy and Ginger, $40

So now I need to go clean my house so I can get myself a nice little reward to spruce it back up again. 
Items found via 20 Best Twenty

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Butterflies to wear

A butterfly I can wear...
Did I ever tell you I used to be a jeweler?  Well, in a previous life I made things to wear and lately as I sit surrounded by piles of lovely butterflies I find myself picking them up and wanting to wear them.  So this week I gave myself a sliver of free time to play and presto - a new necklace for myself.  I am loving it, especially since it weighs absolutely nothing, is made from the softest jersey, and I can throw it on with one of my plain shirts and make any outfit into something special.  I am working on a little collection of them for the Art Star Bazaar next month - something fun for the ladies to buy for themselves.  So what do you think? 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mama wants...

Mother's Day is fast approaching and I thought it would be nice if I assembled a collection of things that would make me happy. This way my husband can avoid the stress of having to look for a present for me - aren't I thoughtful? I mean he has enough to do in his day without worry about what I want as a little gift - so honey here are a few hints....

Shut the Front Door Coffee Cozy by Knot Workshop, $15
Love Boat Nautical Striped Purse by Ruche, $49
Ms. Peacock Earrings by This Ilk, $35
Custom Silhouette Necklace by Le Papier Studio via the Silly Wagon, $31

all found via 20 Best Twenty

Friday, April 8, 2011

Nice 'a meet you!

I have been wanting to make a video for a while now to show people how my mobiles move and tell you a little more about my work but I was avoiding doing so because I knew that I would need to get up in front of a camera and talk to do so.  So please watch the mobiles and pay no attention to the woman awkwardly fussing with her hair. 

BONUS: If you watch it all the way through you get a sneak peek of something new that will be in the shop next month.... So grab your kid and watch some YouTube.  It won't be as flashy as that video about "lots and lots of firetrucks" (parents you know what I am talking about) but i think you may enjoy it!