Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bunting Gift Tags

I hate to throw away any of my beautiful fabrics.  Many of my details in my mobiles are from fabric offcuts that occur while cutting out the main pattern, but even employing that I still have scraps that are too small to reuse but too pretty to throw out.  Seriously I save the tiniest scraps, I have drawers full of fabric.

So in order to save myself from a mountain of towering scraps which engulf me one day I decided I needed to do something with all these bits.  So I came up with these easy to make bunting gifts tags which I now use as a quick way to dress up my gifts.

Now here's how you can make use of your tiny scraps too...

First cut your scraps into the shape of little bunting flags - about 1/2 inch high.  Then cut a piece of 4 x 6 inch colored card stock in half to make 2 3x4 inch cards.   Take a few of your flag pieces and arrange them across the top of the card. 

Now you are ready to sew them in place. I used a contrasting thread dark enough to show up on the card stock and a #2 stitch on my machine to sew the bunting flags in place (your machine may be slightly different, you want to use a stitch with a little bit of space otherwise the card may tear).

Then trim the extra thread off the edges and use a micro or regular hole punch to create a hole for the ribbon to go through.  Now you are ready to wrap up your gifts with your pretty new cards.  How easy was that!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Working on something new...Baby Jives #2!

I have been working on something brand new and now I can finally share it with you - I'm pregnant with Baby Jives #2 due in the beginning of March 2012!

Owl Hats by Sweet Love Creates, $34 found via 20BestTwenty
It's been a fun summer filled with vacations, exhaustion, and  morning sickness ... well actually mine was more like anytime but morning sickness as I usually woke up feeling fine.  But now my energy is back and the creativity is flowing so I am looking forward to an intense burst of production leading up to this birth.  My last pregnancy with my son was when I got the idea for starting Baby Jives Co. and now with this one I'm already bursting at the seams with new ideas for Baby Jives Co.  So I am running up to my studio to get sewing...right after I eat this entire box of muffins.  I can't help it, the baby makes me do it!