Monday, December 5, 2011

Who wants love?

My newest mobile, Showered with Love, is in the shop today and I couldn't be more excited about it.  I have had the idea of making a mobile to shower my little ones with love for a long time now and to see it finally take shape is so rewarding.  We had a lot of fun this weekend doing a photo shoot for the new mobile and I wanted to share a few of the pictures that didn't make it into the listing with you...

I hope he will look this excited once Baby Jives #2 is actually there.
Munching on cranberries and contemplating love.
Here is my quality control expert in action.  It passed inspection.

He did feel very loved there under his special cloud.
 Well that is my behind the scenes peek at the photo shoot for the newest mobile.  It's in my shop now so you can get one for your sweetheart and shower them with love every day. 


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Inspired by Love

The laughter of a child is something that can fill a heart to the brim with love.  Joy bubbles up and escapes from a wonderful little being.  In our daily life there are so many moments where we are showered with love.  With all this in mind, I have been working on a new mobile design and it is finally ready for the shop. 

Here are a few glimpses from my studio of things taking shape.  Collecting jars of love, which can sometimes be a little rough around the edges.    Then finally assembling them into a mobile that can rain down love everyday.

Now the newest mobile is almost ready for your life.  A way to celebrate love in your home.  It's getting ready for the big reveal...