Monday, November 23, 2009

Drawings of Little Ones

This past year I have been making drawings for friends and family of their little ones as they turn one. It's been lots of fun and a great way to commemorate that oh so photographed first year. Using a photograph as a source I create the drawing to focus on the face of the baby and then let the rest of the details fade away. Here are a few of my favorites...

Since I am now staying at home with my son Gavril who was born last January I have been doing the artist thing full time (when I'm not being a mom). So this year I am branching out and offering portraits for everyone. So if you have a photograph of your little one (or ones) that you would love to have made into a one of a kind drawing send me an email.

Your photograph will be done in the same style you see here and you can choose either 11 x 14 inches ($100) or 16 x 20 inches ($200) paper size (please note the image will be smaller since the white space is part of the work). If you would like a larger custom size let me know and we can work out the pricing. I can also make high quality prints of the final piece so you have copies for Grandma and Grandpa: 8 x 10 inches ($25) or 11 x 14 inches ($40).

I would love to immortalize your little one for you so email me and let's get started.