Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall is almost here

Little man and Daddy trick or treating at Urban Outfitters

Fall is almost here and I am getting excited to make little man's Halloween costume for this year.  Last year I think I was still adjusting to the sleep deprived nature of being a mom so the only thing I managed to crank out was a jack-o-lantern trick or treat bag made from an orange cotton Urban Outfitters bag (thanks to Joe!).  Oh and I sewed a little red heart onto Gavril's skeleton sweats with his little black Converse sneaks.  Doesn't he look like one of the bullies from the Karate Kid movie?

This year little man is all about trains so I think an engineer costume is in order.  He has the perfect little striped overalls with a little bandana and then I think I am going to make him an "oil-can" trick or treat bag out of felt and a little engineer's hat.  Then I am thinking of making some sort of shirts for Joe and I with trains on them so we'll his vehicles... We'll see how much I can get done, I do get a little break after the Highlands Craft Show.

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