Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Resolutions, Hello 2011

Every year I stop and reflect on all that has happened and all that I want to make happen in the New Year.  My ritual has evolved over the years, I used to write a single sentence to myself with a resolution that I wanted to keep, such as "fit into jeans from 5 years ago" which never seemed to happen.

Now that we have a little guy we choose to stay in on New Year's Eve.  Honestly I never really cared for going out and celebrating with everyone, although I do love the fireworks that Philadelphia puts on at midnight, but I don't love the drunken guys shouting in my ears or the frigid night air.   So I take New Years eve as a moment to settle in with a nice pot of tea and 2 sheets of paper.  One is to write a letter to my little guy about all the things that have happened in the past year.  We are only on year 2 of this tradition but I hope to carry this through as something that I can give to my son when he is older.

The other sheet is to write a letter to myself about all the things I want to accomplish in my New Year.  Last year that included starting my own business so I could continue to stay home with my son.  This year this happened and so my new letter will have to include new goals and hopes for this coming year.  I never place any time constraints but I find that at the end of each year the things which I have written down have almost always come to pass.  The simple intention of setting my place for the new year makes these things stay with me and happen.

This year I think my letter will start off with some more business plans and some personal plans as well like a nice vacation to europe and maybe another little person in our tonight I will be dreaming and kissing my sweetheart a midnight.

What are your New Year's dreams?

Lovebird steals a kiss by Baby Jives

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